• Most people hold 10% of their net worth in cash and 90% in non-cash assets.
  •  Most people do their giving from that 10% cash.


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  • You could reduce taxes and give more to Kingdom work than you ever dreamed possible?
  • You could improve your personal cash flow and simplify your giving?
  • There was someone who could help you donate appreciated stock or mutual funds currently held in a taxable investment portfolio, leverage your real estate holdings, or donate non-voting interest in a business?


Orchard Ministry Development exists to help believers develop and implement innovative current giving and estate strategies so they can have the greatest possible impact. We can help you facilitate your plans as you support the ministries of The Orchard that God has laid on your heart.

A representative from OMD can give you the information you need to provide for your family while utilizing the powerful tax-saving benefits of gifting non-cash assets such as stock, real-estate, business and estate interests.